Adult Dance Exercise Classes - beginners, intermediate, advanced

Adult Online Dance Exercise Classes

Dance Exercise is Suitable for all levels.

Movement & Rhythms to:

Jazz Jazz Dance is a multitude of related dance forms with common roots in the American experience of music and movement. Jazz Dance blends forms from tap, ballet, African, modern and more.

Latin- A structure of dance styles from Latin America seen in Salsa, Merengue, Rumba, Bachata and Mombo to name a few.

Swing Dance -Since the 30’s through the 60’s, swing music has influenced dance. Rhythmic footwork and styles developed in different decades. Regional specialties emerged like West Coast Swing. European dance and acrobatics expanded Swing Dance concepts.

African - African Tribal Dance was developed from in different regions of the Sub-Sahara Continent. Each area gave their own cultural style. African Dance has influenced some modern dance companies. We incorporate African Dance in our own dance classes.

Pop - Pop culture and current trends in music uses basic rhythmic steps. This popular form of dance is good for our cardio workout.

Middle East Belly Dance - Middle Eastern Belly Dance has origins in North Africa, Arabia and Greek Culture. Using the styles, rhythms and techniques of Belly Dance helps with core workout

Hip Hop - A music genre developed in the United States by inner-city African Americans. Hip Hop music came off the streets into the studios and formed an energetic, athletic form of expression.

Dance Exercise Result

Dance Exercise can make you FEEL good physically . Whatever your age, size, or ability, you can enjoy these easy to learn movements.

Experience the joy of moving to music. With dance, you can improve your fitness and also burn calories! Dance Exercise Classes are for all fitness levels, even if you are a new or an experienced dancer! There are classes for those who are starting their fitness journey. These workouts are achievable for anyone who can walk. Ballet and Yoga inspired stretches.

If you enjoy moving and shaking your body, you'll love this dance workout. You do not need any partners during class! Train like a true dancer. Develops core strength and increases balance. A full dance fitness workout! It's low impact, and every pose modified for your flexibility and skill level. There are classes for absolute beginners, requiring no previous training.

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