Acting scenes at Union County Dance Centre


An actor without a monologue is like a photographer without a camera or a dancer without movement. At auditions, casting directors will often ask actors to perform a monologue of the actor’s choosing.

A prepared actor will have a collection to choose from. With this in mind Union County Dance Centre has each student select a monologue from our library of favorites or their own. Classes are designed to prepare students for being on camera.


Classes are structured with skill building in mind, giving the beginner student a starting point while the experienced student can work on scenes and monologues reinforcing their repertoire with the needed stepping stones for strong characterization and development.

Classes include:

• Personal Presentation

You can gain more confidence in presenting yourself completely using this acting skill.  While personal presentation is important in one-to-one circumstances, in a group situation when giving a presentation such as a talk or speech it is also very important.  How people perceive you is valuable and you should always aspire to be viewed as optimistic and confidently as much as possible.

• Theater Games

The instructor uses theater games, also commonly used as warm-up exercises for actors before a rehearsal or performance. Role-playing, team and trust building games are designed for the specific purpose of furthering personal development.

• Improvisation

Improvisational theatre, often called improv, is the form in which most or all of what is performed is unplanned or unscripted: created spontaneously by the performers. In its genuine form, the dialogue, story, and characters are created as a team by the players as the improvisation unfolds in real time, without use of an already prepared, written script.

• Monologues and Scene Study

The teacher provides a "scene" or a monologue of a play to the students. From this performance the instructor gives notes and suggestions to improve the student’s acting. Scene Study is instrumental for actors to get experience on being directed.

Vocal warm up and techniques for the young artist. Movement and characterization to enhance choreography for the song and dance. Great fun to bring out the performer in you! 

Film Acting Workshop - Union County Dance CentreVideo presentations and monologues 
are part of this workshop

• Set your monologues and scenes while developing camera techniques.
• Perfect your presentation.  Important in your appearance for agents and managers to see.
• Part of the class is an emphasis on Portfolio preparations.
• Student Resume structure and interview refreshers.
• Industry on-line review available for selected students.

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