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Personalized Academic Curriculum Enrichment

A fun, motivating, skill building, web-based program in Reading and Math offered to students at UCDC


Personalized Academic Curriculum Enrichment will provide weekly or bi-weekly sessions in either reading, math or both. Solid literacy skills and fundamental math concepts are key elements toward academic success.
The PACE program will:

1) Screen the student to determine what academic grade level he/she is proficient in.

2) From there, the system automatically assigns/selects an at grade diagnostic assessment that will determine what the student will receive in his/her web-based learning path.

3) Then, the student works in scheduled sessions on the skills selected in fun, motivating content  activities while filling in skill and concept gaps.

PACE builds confidence, fills in learning gaps, enriches learning and helps students’ stay interested and motivated. PACE addresses students who are performing below, at or above grade level in grades K-9.

Parents receive reports of student progress.

Donna Vaupel (Mr. Joe’s sister) is our educational consultant for PACE. “Miss” Donna, was an educator in the public schools for 33 years, and a past President of the NJ Association for Gifted Children.

Donna VaupelDONNA VAUPEL  holds a BA in Education, minor in Theater Arts and MA in Education/Administration with specialization in Gifted and Talented.  She is an educator, consultant and workshop presenter. Donna was selected NJ Teacher of the Year 2000 by the NJ Association for Gifted Children. She received a NJ Arts for Every Kid Grant for writing “Dilemmas and Decisions” involving the creation of  original skits to teach conflict resolution and was a former member of the NJ Commissioner of Education’s  Advisory  Council for the Gifted & Talented.

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